A Comment on media, privacy and Communication on the World Wide Web

Most users of the Internet are still under the illusion that they are surfing anonymously on the Net. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It is very well possible to look at a user's background or preferences. Like, for example, information about their country of origin, provider, websurfer and computer (system).
With Garbage Park, we even go a step further. Not only do we try to trace his or her movements, but to make a 'psychological' profile of the visitor as well.

We do this by directly involving information (acquired through the visitor's behavior) in that what the visitor will be looking at. Through his or her choices, the visitor will determine the site’s shape and content; even the number of messages which the visitor unknowingly sends of himself into the world. In this way, he or she gets a place in a 'virtual Community.'

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